About Tatak EVSUnista

What is Tatak EVSUnista?

The Office of the Internationalization and External Affairs through the Alumni Relations and Affairs Office envisions a One EVSU, Stronger and Better direction that embodies the essence of inclusivity in terms of development and progress hand in hand with its various stakeholders.

The “Tatak EVSUnista Project” of Eastern Visayas State University is a milestone for our alumni who have demonstrated significant strong interest and commitment to the University's Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

This distinguished award has been meticulously designed to honor and recognize alumni who have brought immense honor and prestige to our alma mater, aligning with the University's ethos of fostering goodwill and effecting positive change. These outstanding individuals have also significantly enhanced the University's reputation through their substantial contributions to the community. Their efforts have demonstrably improved the quality of life for individuals within the community and beyond. These acts exemplify selflessness, empathy, and a genuine concern for the well-being of others, showcasing the profound impact of individual actions in creating positive change in the world. Such acts include life-saving heroism and other selfless actions that manifest an unwavering commitment to the well-being of fellow individuals.

The Tatak EVSUNISTA Award, introduced last year, garnered remarkable attention and received widespread support from the University community and beyond. The inaugural award successfully highlighted the extraordinary accomplishments of our alumni, inspiring current students and reinforcing the University's commitment to nurturing exceptional individuals.

The 2nd Tatak EVSUNISTA Award will serve as a powerful testament to the exceptional quality of our University's alumni, demonstrating the transformative influence of an education at Eastern Visayas State University. It will motivate current students to aspire to greatness, knowing that, they are part of a legacy of excellence and contribution.